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Social networking is not exclusively about digital technology on the web. Social networking patterns and information on social media can be studied to determine and comprehend how a particular talent interacts and behaviours which gives lot of insight about specific competence of the required talent.

Social media compressive of various websites and digital platforms for the social networking and information sharing by individuals to construct a public or semi-public profile The mechanism enables users to create profile for them self by inserting their personal data. Users data are not only constituted by vital statistic, but they include lot of other information pertained to users hobby and passions, interest personal background, social preferences. This kind of data provides a lot of information about his/her career progression and abilities.

According to once Analysis Company face major risk in field of talent management strategy. Talent acquisition retention management has been become key challenges in global business, there is no shortened of talented people in the world but there is shortened in of right people in right place. As nowadays talent requires a high degree of attention from internal stake-holder people engaged talent business according to one studies CEO’s spend 35% to 50% of their time on talent management related issues. Talent becomes so significant that companies are re-ailing their strategies to be employer of choice. It is in this contacts our service offering are of critical value to the organization.

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